crumb, crumb, crumb,….

Okay.  So hafta write.

The one who does/doesn’t wink at me will occasionally stop by and talk to me.  And he just did.  We discussed my needing to buy a new laptop for my daughter.

And no, it wasn’t flirty or anything (he’s married), but it still was really nice and he suggested another place that I could look and stuff.  And it was just really nice.

And I tried really hard not to think about how cute I think he is.  Not like movie-star cute, but just boyishly cute.

But still, it was really nice.  Did I say that already?

And I didn’t tell you about this when it happened, but one day a couple of weeks ago I received a MAJOR crumb from him!  I was back at work after going to the gym during lunch and I was drinking my protein shake that I drink for lunch, when he came by and asked what I was drinking, so we were talking about the gym and I said that some day it would pay off and he said that I didn’t need to go to the gym for that reason.  So I thought that was really sweet (and I think about it when I get discouraged about my weight) but I tried not act flustered and I said thank you  and then something about also going to the gym to help stay young or something like that to deflect from being so thrilled at his compliment that I didn’t need to lose weight.

Anyhow, so often I write about depressing stuff that I wanted to share something pleasant for a change!

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3 Responses to crumb, crumb, crumb,….

  1. I remember these crumbs when I was married to my ex. These small things really brightened my day and made me feel less like a toad! It was like – what? Someone wants to talk to me… have a real conversation? I think one of the reasons I stayed so long in my horrible marriage was that my ex and I never spent any time together. He would come home and play games on the computer and I would clean/do chores. He would be in the living room playing and I would be in the bedroom doing my own thing. We saw each other maybe 15 minutes a day. When I was dating my now husband he wanted to spend every moment of the day with me and it freaked me out! I went from being used to no attention to a ton of attention! It was actually a put off, I didn’t know how to handle it, I was so used to being alone in a relationship. 2.5 years later we still spend a lot of time together and I love it :)
    Btw, I found your blog months ago and just now actively commenting. But it is good to see that someone has gone through the same thing and is blogging about it. I started my own blog recently about my PA FIL – it’s at if you are interested. Keep your chin up!

  2. seriously says:

    I understand the crumbs too. It makes me feel less shitty about feeling like a bad wife, especially when someone compliments on my temperament and how easy going I really am at least at work. And getting proper and nice compliments on my appearance is always welcomed, it reminds me that I am not an extension of my husband but really my own individual self. Enjoy them, that’s all you can do, if that keeps you going that’s awesome and maybe you will see yourself through their eyes soon ;)

    • Thursday, we had power outages due to thunderstorms. Power went out at work and at home. While the power came back on at work, it did not at home, so I wasn’t able to take a shower before I went to work on Friday. (We have a well – no power = no water.) The one who sometimes winks at me lives not too far from where I live, so I asked him if he lost power and he didn’t. So we got to talking about not having power and not having water and stuff like that. Anyhow, he finally said, well, you don’t look like you didn’t take a shower. And I though that was so sweet! :} Yes, it keeps me going and makes me feel like I am at least a little bit worthwhile. It’s nice to know that at least someone finds me a little bit attractive. My husband says I’m hot, but then the way he treats me says differently. :{

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