Father’s Day ~ not

I wasn’t going to write a post on Father’s Day.  I had nothing to say.

My own Dad died when I was twenty-one.  That was a long time ago.

My husband isn’t a father to our daughters.  Not at all.

So why am I writing today?

Last night, my younger daughter was in tears because of him.

We have about four and half acres of land, most of which is trees.  Our own little forest.  Both of my daughters love this little forest.

Last night, my younger daughter was telling me about the last time she walked through our forest.  She found the carcasses of raccoons that he had simply thrown in the path.  She found the stumps of the trees he had cut down.  She loves trees.  She loves trees so much.  She said she would never go back into this forest because he had desecrated it.  And she was crying.

I feel that way, too, when I go out into this little forest.  I see what he has done there and it makes me sad, too.   The animal carcasses.  The remants of the cut-down trees.   The ruts of the tractor tires and the destruction from pulling out the logs.   It’s a mess, an ugly mess, just like the mess he makes of relationships.  He leaves wounds and scars and goes merrily on his way.

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4 Responses to Father’s Day ~ not

  1. K says:

    Your husband is an asshole and you must get away.

  2. My husband says that something else pulled the carcasses out into the path to eat them. But still, why didn’t he clean them up? Why didn’t he dispose of the animals he had to shoot somewhere else? There are other areas away from the path he could have used. Even so, the little forest has become a sad place. Just like us.
    And yes, I need to leave. Last night I almost said, get out. Just get out and go away. But I didn’t. :{

    • K says:

      It’s so hard. I saw your latest post. My husband has left when I’ve asked him to. He’s much more respectful than yours. I’m so sorry. The problem with your husband’s relationship with your daughter is terrible. I do recognize all his moves, though. Counseling has helped mine very much, but it’s just not curable. Only manageable. Maybe. I told mine that I just didn’t feel the same about him; no trust. But I’m not hating him at this point. Sorry for rambling…

  3. Fern says:

    Really, what’s the point of shooting the animals??? As long as they aren’t actively rabid or something, what harm are they doing? Just let Nature be for god’s sake…. especially if one chooses to live in a rural setting. There are going to be critters in the country, just trying to make lives for themselves. Sheesh.

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