job update….

Well, I didn’t get the second job I applied for either. I was pretty discouraged about that.

But the lady I interviewed with did say that she was working on making it possible for me to take over one area of responsibility that had originally been part of the second job I applied for.  So, I guess more responsibility is a baby-step.

And since I have been at this job a year, I got my annual review last week, which was all positive, and I got a raise…

A whopping twenty-eight cents an hour more.

I know, I know … it’s another small step. My supervisor did say that she is working on re-evaluating all the work I do for different areas and giving me a title change so I can possibly earn more money. But even the range she was talking about seemed like not much more than I make now and would barely be enough to scrape by on.

But still, at least I am heading in the direction of making more, so I am trying not to be discouraged about it.

Where I work, there are five Executive Vice Presidents who report directly to the President of our company. One of the EVPs is a lady and she is my mentor. We email a lot. She is how I found out about the job I have now.

All the EVPs are friendly towards me and say, hi, and, have a good week-end, and stuff like that.  The president is friendly to me, too.  Actually, the whole office is, for that matter!    Well, except for one lady, but that’s just the way she is.

Today, the lady EVP told me that D, one of the other EVPs, was disappointed that I didn’t get the job! She said that he couldn’t believe that they didn’t hire me for the position! She said that he sees a lot of potential in me and is impressed with me. She also said that this man just does not say things like this and is not easily impressed!

So that made me feel a whole lot better!!!

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6 Responses to job update….

  1. Sofia Leo says:

    Maybe you’ll be a shoo-in for the next opening!

  2. Teresa says:

    You’re obviously doing something right, for you to be noticed like that…so keep at it! I truly believe that when something you really want passes you by…it’s because something even better is right around the corner!!

  3. mixedemotions says:

    wow, well there is something positive in all this, upper management knows that you work hard and that you could probably do the job…. maybe the next one, you never know in life, act like you have a much better pay and job now and you might be surprised at what happens next :)

  4. Aww, that’s awesome! (Ive been away for quite a while, so I’m kind of behind on things, but it’s great to read that you’re doing so well!)

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