“Take him! Take him!”

A few years ago, a movie came out titled, “Letters to Juliet.”  If you haven’t seen it, very briefly, a young lady named Sophie helps an older lady named Claire to find “her Lorenzo” – a man Claire fell in love with when they were teen-agers.  Sophie and Claire and Claire’s grandson travel around Italy searching for this Lorenzo, but they also run into a number of other Lorenzos in their quest for the one Lorenzo.

In one scene, they find a Lorenzo who is not the one.  His wife, however, implores, “Take him!  Take him!”   You can see part of this scene in the trailer below.

There is a lady in our congregation who I think likes my husband.  She is about our age and she is married to a man who is fifteen years older than she is.  They’ve been married for about 3 or 4 years.  Her husband’s health doesn’t seem to be very good.

Every week at church, this lady manages to get into a conversation with my husband, asking his advice about something.

I think they would be perfect for each other.

My husband is smarter than she is (which isn’t saying much – oh, that was mean!), so she would always look up to him.  Even though she is kind of opinionated sometimes, she would be a good, submissive wife for him.  And he has always told me, ever since we got married, that I put too much sugar in desserts.  She is forever talking about how she puts less sugar in desserts because they just have too much sugar in them.   She seems pretty content with having not much money, so she probably wouldn’t have any problem with the income my husband makes, the way I do.   And she is skinnier than I am, so my husband would like that.

Like I said, I think they would be perfect for each other.

Every time I see them together, I want to implore, “Take him!  Take him!”

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5 Responses to “Take him! Take him!”

  1. Fern says:

    Yup. Can very much relate. In fact, during the last big fight we had (on Thanksgiving no less — and oh, what a whopper) I told him he was free to see other women. And I meant it! Still do — let someone else even begin to try to deal with his selfish, childish, misogynistic P.A. shenanigans. After 22+ years I’m so over it.

  2. wifeofpa says:

    Too funny, I’ve been thinking the same thing for a heck of a long time “won’t someone take him off my hands darnit”…. I wish.

  3. Liz says:

    Ladies, I hate to disappoint you …these men don’t have the balls to turn anywhere else. They chose us because they knew we were just foolish enough and insecure enough to put up with their abuse.
    I’ve told my husband many times that I wouldn’t care at all if he was screwing around and I mean it. I wouldn’t care if he divorced me. A few months ago I even offered to give up a few things so that he could move into a motel efficiency apartment. His response was, ‘ I don’t want to live there! “. When I asked him why in the world he wouldn’t want to live in a place where his room his cleaned for him every day, his bed made, etc.., he responded with, ‘ Because I wouldn’t be able to cook there’. I burst into a fit of laughter. You see, he’s never cooked a damn thing since I’ve known him except once when he made me an egg salad sandwich and forgot to remove the shell.
    I have offered women money to take him off my hands but the women know that anyone willing to pay them is either insane, dangerous or desperate because they have a big time loser problem on their hands that they don’t want either!

  4. Ha ha I have told a few girls they could have mine. A few friends he has tried to talk to who have come and told me. I tell them I don’t care if you want to go there go for it more power to ya and I hope it works out for you. Then maybe he will leave me alone. If it don’t I don’t care but he isn’t coming back here and you don’t have to worry about me ever bothering you all or me trying to get him back because I don’t want him. I have told him straight up I wish he would find someone else and leave me alone. I do not in any way shape or form hide how I feel about him or our relationship. he still says all the time he don’t want anyone else and all he wants is me and he don’t know if he will ever get over me or move on and if I would please just give him one more chance and blah blah blah. Tells me how bad he wants me all the time. I just tell him sorry about his luck he needs to move on because it won’t ever happen. I have told him that if we were the last two people on earth there would be no more people because I would not be with him in that way or any way ever again.

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