checking on his dad … or not

Let me set the stage just a little.

One of my husband’s sisters lives in the same state that we do, but about a three hour drive away from us – and his parents.

His dad had a couple of strokes several months ago.

Two hours ago, this sister called my husband and told him that she had called their dad this morning and that their dad was complaining that he had not slept well because his shoulder and arm were hurting.  His sister said that their dad’s voice sounded slurred on the phone.  My husband said that he would check on their dad.  This was two hours ago.

I don’t know about you, but to me, if someone’s speech is slurred, there could be a problem that maybe you don’t want to wait two  hours to check on.

But he had to finish doing what he was doing on the computer.  He had to eat breakfast.  He had to do whatever.  I don’t know.

Oh, he did say a few minutes ago that he hoped his dad was okay.

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4 Responses to checking on his dad … or not

  1. ChickenLadyMovedToTown says:

    Holicow! Keep us posted on this one. That sounds serious. I would have been panicking and sharting in my britches, unable to get out the door fast enough, had it been my dad.

    Curious about the relationship between your husband and his father??

    • Yeah, see, that’s me, too! Go see the man NOW and be sure he is okay!!!!
      Later my husband texted and said that his dad seemed to be okay. So, I guess, for now, he is okay.
      They both need each other’s approval, but neither one will give it to the other. It’s a strange dance that they have. They are both passive aggressive towards each other. They know they need each other, and they do help each other out, but they also do things to “back away from” each other, so they won’t be vulnerable to each other. It’s actually kind of bizarre to see.

  2. chosetobehappy says:

    well this is swell… obviously your pah must be worried about his dad but most likely scared that if there is something actually wrong and not wanting to face it…. or not. That’s what these men are: scared of everything including their own shadow. What a mess!! Glad all is ok for now, and eventually he’ll have to face it all, you can’t outrun your problems.

  3. My ex is like this no matter what he has to do or where he is supposed to be he takes his time. He takes his time getting up in the morning and don’t until he should be leaving most the time. Then he takes his time getting ready. If he has a list of stuff he needs to get done today it will take him days or weeks if it gets done that fast. We all joke and say he works on father of the year time. He gets mad but it is the truth. It drove me crazy I would be in the car with three kids waiting on him. So I could drop him at work and he would be late, Even though I got me and the kids up and ready with no help from him and got us all in the car to sit and wait.

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