Truly Hungry For…

by Dr. Robin L. Smith ~  Link to Original Article

I’m hungry for real love—not crumbs I try to call a meal.

I’m hungry for relationships where respect is the cornerstone of the connection.

I’m hungry to be in relationships that don’t require me to dim my bright light in order to be offered a seat at the table.

I’m hungry to have my gift and talents truly appreciated by those I work with.

I’m hungry to not need to dumb myself down so that others feel smart.

I’m hungry to be beautiful and sexy and not a Barbie doll for a man.

I’m hungry to have a partner who doesn’t feel like a predator.

I’m hungry for passion and great sex that is worthy of my mind, body, and spirit.

I’m hungry to not have to play small when my spirit and dreams are big.

I’m hungry to be brave and not let fear drive my life. I’m hungry for an undivided self, soul, life, love, and relationship.

I am hungry to know I am loved and am irrevocably a child of God.

I’m hungry to be me.

(Me here.  While I did not write this, every single word that Dr. Smith wrote echos what I feel.)

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3 Responses to Truly Hungry For…

  1. seriously says:

    wow!! never better said than that……

  2. I’m hungry, too. Hungry to be seen as an equal, not just some lesser being meant to be controlled. Hungry to really be heard, not just humored if/when it’s convenient.

    I’m tired of his constant pouting and how he’s always sad and offended by everything. Tired of his agreeing to stuff and then “forgetting” or getting pissed at me if I bring it up.

    He’s only hurting us all by working so hard to fend me off. I’m not even trying to hurt him! He’s fending off his own teammate and we are all gonna lose!

    Keep blogging. Your blog keeps me sane.

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