visit to the cardiologist

A little over a week ago, I had my appointment with the cardiologist.  (You can read about my EKG here.)

I felt very frustrated.

I ended up being away from work for three hours to spend less than ten minutes actually talking with the cardiologist.  I know this is just how it goes, but I still felt very frustrated.  I worked late almost every evening to make up the time I would be out only to be told….

“We need to do more tests.”

So, three hours off work, working late evenings, who knows what that appointment will actually cost (it has to go through insurance who will then decide what they will cover and what I pay) – only to be told – no clue, come back in a couple of weeks.

Really?  That was it?

Everyone at the doctor’s office was really nice and I know this is simply par for the course, but I was still really frustrated.

Anyhow, I go back again on Monday.  (Another three hours off work.)  They will do a stress test with me on a treadmill and them monitoring my heart.  And they will also do another test that somehow takes pictures of my heart.  I wasn’t quite clear on that one.  I will be glad to have these things done, though.  I’ve mentioned that my dad died at exactly the age I am now when his aorta rupture.  And he may have had a heart attack just a few days prior to that.

I don’t have high blood pressure, like he did.  And my cholesterol numbers are very good.  My dad was overweight.  I weigh more than I need to, but I’m not as overweight as he was.  Still, it worries me about my heart, so I will be glad to find out what is going on.

Maybe it is “just” stress.  Ha!

Yesterday, a different doctor’s office called me with the results of my thermogram.  I do thermography rather than mammograms.   Thermograms are healthier for your breasts, painless (mammograms hurt!),  and detect potential breast cancer sooner than mammograms. (You can read about thermography in this article).  Anyhow, my results were normal.  So, everything on my annual exam was normal, my pap smear was normal, and my thermogram was normal.

Now if I can just get this heart thing taken care of!

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3 Responses to visit to the cardiologist

  1. i have had the stress test before should have had another along time ago really but haven’t been able to for a while. But any way the way they did mine was took some pictures like a cat scan then hooked me to the EKG and had me run on the treadmill take more pictures have you go eat because they made me fast then come back in a hour or two and get more pictures done. Sometimes you don’t have to do the pictures before but both times after. Good luck hope everything comes back good.

  2. seriously says:

    good luck dear, hopefully you are a picture of health.

  3. Married...but Lonely says:

    Praying for you to get some answers! You sound like you’re in pretty good health, so I am sure it’s just the stress! :)

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