This past week, a girl at work got engaged.  I am very happy for her.  He seems like a nice guy.  I told her that I hope each year gets better from them.

The day she was showing off her new ring, one of the men at work decided he wanted to buy his wife a present because it was the anniversary of how long they had been together.  Not how long they had been married – how long they had been together.  How sweet is that?  I was impressed. He showed me a picture of the pearl and diamond earrings he is buying her.

Also this week, I was talking with another man at work and he was saying that he is going to take dance lessons with his wife because she likes to dance and he wants to be able for them to do more moves together when they dance.  Again, how sweet is that?  Apparently, they go dancing every couple of weeks or so.  He’s got to be in his 50’s-60’s.  Again, I was impressed.

I received a proposal this week.  Some of the cubicles in our office have been removed and have been made into individual office.  There is a city electrical inspector that has visited several times to inspect the work.  The first time he came, when he left, he came up to me and said, pointedly, “Today I saw an angel.”  Each of the times he has come to do an inspection, he has something like that, whether he saw an angel or asking me if anyone had told me yet that day that I was beautiful.  Maybe it was the tiniest bit creepy, but it was also kind of sweet.  This past week, when he was getting ready to leave, he came over to my desk and told me that he had been dreading this day that he wouldn’t have to come inspect anymore.  He told me that he would come back and bring flowers and chocolate.  He told me that he didn’t have a lot of money, but that he had 18 and half acres, horses, and a motorcycle and that he was looking for a good woman to mow his grass.  I laughed and told him that I was still married.  He said for me to tell my husband that he had competition.  While I was not attracted to this man, it still was sweet and I don’t doubt that he would have gladly taken me home with him.  He really did seem to like me.

Meanwhile, for an assignment in one of her classes, my younger daughter had to write about five things that meant a lot to her – she chose love, friendship, family, security, and spirituality – and five things that didn’t mean so much to her – she chose style, travel, adventure, power. and marriage.

Here is what she wrote about marriage:

Marriage – An arrangement in which two people who may or may not love each other are attached to one another by binding means, such as law or an oath. A woman believes she deserves a certain man, and then makes a nearly unbreakable oath to spend the rest of her life with this man, only to find out later than he may or may not actually be a good person. To me, this is marriage. Marriage is not important to me mostly because I’m simply not married right now. It is not something that I actively plan for/thing about.

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3 Responses to romance

  1. WritesinPJ's says:

    I understand the noticing of other men proactively caring about the happiness and well-being of their wives. I understand kids who are cynical about marriage. Thinking of you, and hoping you find a way today to show love to you.

  2. newshoes123 says:

    No matter how you got a little romance, you got a little romance!! happy for you, so what if it’s not what you would have wanted in terms of who it came from but you did get a little bit of what you’ve been asking :) I’m happy for you, you are bringing it to you finally!! That’s awesome news :)

    I understand your daughter, one of my kids will never get married according to him, he says that after what he saw from our marriage he just doesn’t want to make the same mistakes let alone be with someone who doesn’t appear to love him. Poor kid… he’s so incredibly jaded about the whole thing he won’t even date anyone and he’s an adult now!! He should have the urges to be with someone but no, it’s too complicated he says. I’m hoping that at some point someone will open his eyes to opportunities and that he will learn that not all marriages are like the one he’s seen. But they need to make their own choice, once they fly the nest, we can only be a support to them.

    • lonelywife07 says:

      New Shoes….my 24 yr old says the same thing!! And he’s not dating either…the one girl he was interested in treated him badly…so there’s that also!
      I talked to him today and told him that what he’s seeing in my marriage isn’t the norm…to not let it affect him so badly…but he says marriage is too hard…makes me sad.

      PAA….be careful of some of these men…I think they can sense when a woman is down, and try to take advantage of her…not saying you’d do anything, but when you’re hurting…you’re vulnerable…. :)

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