well that was just generous

He gave me an extra $40 for Thanksgiving.

Now, maybe my sisters and my sister-in-law could do Thanksgiving for 14 people for $40, but extreme frugality is not one of my strengths.

I guess I’ll be paying for Thanksgiving.

But that’s fair, right, since it is my family coming over for Thanksgiving?

And since his parents live essentially next door, he can just pop over there and see them and all of his siblings and not have to take anything for dinner over there.

Works for him.

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10 Responses to well that was just generous

  1. Maybe your husband is planning to buy a bunch of food and hide it in the pockets of his Utilikilt and surprise you.
    Sorry, that kilt purchase really bothers me. And then giving you only $40 for food….

  2. marsocmom says:

    These men make me so mad, little boys in a man’s body, buying toys, living near (with) Mommy and Daddy, playing house, and pretending to be the lord of the castle. You are the only adult in this relationship! Please don’t give up! I hope that in this life they are happy, because who knows what will happen next?

  3. Jane D. says:

    ha ha ha ha, marriedwithouthusband!
    The holidays are so stressful especially with these guys. Enjoy your family and hope he sneaks off early and stays late with his family.

  4. Expat says:

    What a cheapo. I’d be tempted to wipe my butt on that utili-kilt or burn it! Haha. I guess that would be no better than PA/Narcs and there would be punishment, but it would feel good while you were doing it.

    Well, you know, it doesn’t matter who’s family it is coming – if you are a couple it gets paid for. He married into your family, it’s his family too. (I feel sorry for them) So he can fork out some more cash. But he won’t. Can you see if the family will do pot luck and bring some dishes to help with the cost? It’s hard to know what to do without going broke. I would be tempted to have the Thanksgiving elsewhere. Does your family actually like him or do they know his games?

    Personally I’d hide that stupid kilt so he couldn’t show it off on thanksgiving. Stuff it in the turkey and roast it!

    • He hid the utilikilt; I don’t know where he put it! But he did wear it on Thanksgiving and he did make a big deal about it. No, my family doesn’t really like him. They are adults and are gracious so they put up with him, but they aren’t really comfortable around him. We pretty much do pot-luck but I end up carrying a lot of it simply because that is the way I am. But everyone did contribute. And it was all delicious!!!

  5. newshoes123 says:

    Wow!! just wow!! Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy yourself for what the spirit of the Holiday is all about, thankful for the things you do have and time with your family…. xo

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