The Perfect Relationship

I came across an article the other day (click here for article) where the author was discussing the internet meme below.  She went on to share her view and she wrote her own poem of The Perfect Relationship, which I have copied below the internet meme.

I’m too tired to add my own thoughts at the moment, but both of these touched me.

perfect-relationship-meme updated


The Perfect Relationship

He works. She works.
They split the bills.
Each of them strives to be the best in their chosen careers.
He leaves her alone to her work.
She leaves him alone to his work.
At night, they relax together knowing each has contributed positively to the world.
She makes him a sandwich.
He gives her a back rub.
They joke about what their superhero names would be.
He tells her how amazing his friends are.
She tells him how amazing her friends are.
They talk about what they learned today.
They laugh together.
Then they have amazing sex.
Days off are spent outdoors together, playing games together or occasionally sitting on the couch being lazy.
They do stuff like:
Get coffee and have in-depth discussions on how to raise the love quotient in the world.
Eat together at restaurants that have a cool atmosphere.
Go mini-golfing.
Go to the movies.
She surprises him with an occasional blowjob in the morning
And he responds by going down on her and fixing her breakfast.
They open their hearts to each other by always being vulnerable, open and honest.
They take care of each other by accepting they are both different people and honoring each others’ given purpose.
They respect one another by never cheating.
They never judge one another nor get jealous.
They trust each other.
Sometimes they fight, but these fights strengthen and grow their relationship because they stand solidly in their commitment.
They’re a team.
A two-person union supported by those they love and who love them back.
It’s them looking out at the world together and asking, “How can we serve?”

~ by Kari Cowell

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3 Responses to The Perfect Relationship

  1. I have trouble with the money aspect of this. There is so much quality of life improvement if one person can stay home and take care of that side of things. I think those lines should say:

    They each contribute equally, according to their talents, toward building and maintaing a life together. They make financial decisions together.

  2. newshoes123 says:

    In theory, it sounds great but in reality, relationships take time, and love and care and attention, in other words – work and with both partners engaged to do the work. Two people want to want the best for the other partner. Unconditionaly love, regardless of what happens between the two of them, and believe me that is difficult to attain but it’s doable. I was faced recently with such a scenario. I could have freaked out but instead I retreated and thought long and hard at how much I cared for this person and did I want them in my life for a long time, my answer was easy, yes I did. I chose (chose being the operative word here) to love this person unconditionally, it wasn’t easy but it came back to me in spades and spades.

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