gift basket and oscar

Sunday night’s “conversation” had a devastating effect on me.  (See previous post.)  Things like that always do.  I feel so crushed and wretched.

That made Monday a really tough day.  I had a hard time not crying.  I did cry, quite a bit, actually.  Thankfully, no one saw me.

But there were some cool things that happened on Monday, almost like they were there to help make up for his treatment of me.

On the way to work, I saw a bumper sticker that said, “mean people suck.”  Yeah!!!

In case you don’t know, I work as the receptionist, among other things, in the corporate office.  Over the past couple of weeks, a lot of gifts have come in for the chief executives, things like wine and pears and steaks and gift baskets.  You get the idea.   So, I sign for these things and hand them over to the executive administrative assistant and she gets them to the executive they were sent to.

On Monday, one of the chief executives (one of the five who report to the president of the company) came out to my desk carrying a gift basket that had been delivered to him earlier.  He asked me if I could use a gift basket.  He said his family would be traveling and wouldn’t use the basket and he gave it to me!!!

This basket was from a local specialty market and I have a pretty good idea what it cost.  It had cheese and crackers and honey roasted almonds and chocolate covered peanuts and coated pretzels and a nut mix and a bottle of wine and a bottle opener and thin, crispy ginger cookies and box of After Eight chocolate mints and a glass bottle of hot chocolate powder mix!

I know it was a “hand-me-down” but it made me feel special that this man offered the basket to me when there were plenty of others in the office that he could have passed it off to.

Later Monday afternoon, I received an email from the Human Resources department, notifying me that I had been nominated for an “oscar.”  This is something our company does.  Someone in the company can nominate another teammate for an oscar if they feel that person has gone above and beyond for helping with something.

The event coordinator in our marketing department nominated me because I helped her with the annual holiday party that we hold for our clients and vendors.  She said she couldn’t have done it without me.  I helped with proof-reading the invitation and collecting addresses of those to whom we would send invitations and taking RSVP’s and tracking numbers to give to the caterers and creating name tags for our guests.  I figured it was all in a day’s work and it is something I like doing, but I guess it made a big difference to her for me to do it.

If I “win” the oscar, it will be announced in a company-wide message and then I will be entered in a quarterly drawing to get cash, I think.  I actually haven’t paid a lot of attention to it in the past.  I just knew it existed.

So these things helped my Monday be a little better.

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2 Responses to gift basket and oscar

  1. asewalson says:

    Sometimes it’s the little things that help to bring us out of our funk. Glad your day got a bit better:)

  2. newshoes123 says:

    Doesn’t matter where the basket came from :) I’m just glad someone was nice to notice that you would appreciate it!! And congrats on your nomination, it’s something special!!

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