things I’ve learned

I was outside, cleaning up in my garden a little.  (I have way too much stuff, even in the garden!!!!)

And I was thinking.

I will be fifty in another year and I was wondering what I had actually learned in all these years.  Time just goes and goes and I wonder if I am a better person at all, if I have learned anything at all in all this time.

Yeah, I was kinda being down on myself.

So then I made myself think about what I might have actually learned.

And I have learned one or two things.

I’ve learned that being co-dependent doesn’t work.

I’ve learned that I need to trust God.  Not that I do that very well or very often, but I do know that I need to.

I’ve learned that I need to wear gloves when I am working with thorny plants.  Or maybe I haven’t learned that yet because I didn’t put on my gloves until I after I got thorns in my thumb.

While I was thinking about these things, I realized why I was having such a hard time letting go of the conflict with my supervisor.  (See post.)

I realized that I wasn’t forgiving myself for getting in trouble, for making a mistake.

So this is one lesson I am still in the process of learning – it’s okay to be human.  It’s okay to make mistakes!!!   I need to forgive myself, learn what I need to learn, and move on.

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1 Response to things I’ve learned

  1. GainingStrength says:

    Co-dependent…smodependent! You are being abused. It’s not about you, it’s about him. He’s the abuser, you’re the victim. Heads up! You’re also a survivor. Hang onto that life vest spelled GOD, it’s a rough, stormy sea, but He’ll help you navigate to safety and love.

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