passive aggressive Mother’s Day gift

Let me tell you about a few things that I don’t eat.  Or try not to eat.

I stay away from gluten.  Gluten – flours, grains, breads – really messes me up.  Okay.  Yes. Occasionally I do succumb to chocolate chips cookies, but I really pay the price.

I don’t eat honey.  I love honey, but honey is sweeter than sugar.  I try to avoid sugar, too, and most stuff containing sugar.  I don’t have diabetes, but when I eat sweet stuff, I can tell that it affects my blood sugar.  And I feel really bad.  So I don’t eat honey and I don’t eat jam and I don’t eat syrup, as much as I like them and would love to eat them.

Yes, I have a chocolate addiction and chocolate contains sugar.  And if I eat too much chocolate, I feel bad.   But chocolate is not pure sugar like honey and maple syrup and jam.

I don’t like mushrooms.  Period.

I don’t particularly care for rice.  I will eat it sometimes and I do make it sometimes, but I don’t really care for it.  And especially not with mushrooms!!!

So why do I mention all of these food things to you?

He gave me my Mother’s Day gift from him on Saturday night.

It was a box from a company called Minnestalgia.

Guess what was in the box…

Two jars of syrup.

Two jars of jam.

Two jars of honey.

A jar of maple sugar.

A bag of pancake mix.

A bag of wild rice.

And a bag of creamy mushroom-and-rice soup mix.

I’m sure all of this food from Minnesota is very lovely.

There is just one thing…

I showed the box to my daughter.  She look it over and said, very slowly…

“You don’t eat any of this stuff.”

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6 Responses to passive aggressive Mother’s Day gift

  1. My daughter said, part of me is laughing and part of my is crying. I feel exactly the same way – Part of me is laughing at this and part of me is crying at this.

  2. ChickenLadyMovedToTown says:

    Know what I got for Mother’s Day? Ignored, after he covertly sabotaged the day. He makes me sick.

  3. paescapee says:

    Strangely, I used to feel it was easier when he was predictable. It’s when he was nice it used to throw me :(

  4. Jane D. says:

    It’s amazing what they “don’t notice”, isn’t it? I always plan to have a good time in spite of my husband.

  5. So to everyone he looks like this great guy who is trying. You don’t want it eat it so you look like the mean wife who finds something wrong with whatever they do. All the while he knows what he has done. I be willing to bet it’s all stuff he will eat right?

  6. wornout says:

    How are you doing? You haven’t posted in awhile, I hope everything is ok.

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