everything is not okay

His siblings are here this week-end  for Father’s Day.

They’re have a cook-out this evening.

He asked me if I was coming over to his dad’s to have steaks tonight.

I told him, no.

I wanted to say, everything is NOT okay here!  I’m not going to with you to your family’s get-together and present a pretty picture.  Not happening.

But he had to leave so I didn’t start the discussion.

I think he must be in denial somehow.  I think he is pretending that everything is okay and hoping that that will make everything okay.  Maybe he thinks that because I am still here that everything will be okay.

But everything is not okay.


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1 Response to everything is not okay

  1. lonelywife07 says:

    That’s how PA Man is…I can talk about separation….and an hour later he acts like all is right in the world!
    Well, maybe in HIS world it is! They are big on appearances….make believe like everything is ok……and they expect us to do the same!
    I USE to do that…but not anymore! I refuse to be a Peacefaker!

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