I introduced myself

There’s this man who works out on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the gym.   He’s there when I arrive and he leaves before I’m finished working out.  He’s about my age.

(Don’t worry; he’s not an option.  He wears this shiny gold ring on his left hand…)

Sometimes we say hi, or bye, or how are you?  But that’s about it.

I’ve wanted to know his name for awhile, to meet him, and today, I got brave and I introduced myself.  He was friendly and when he left, he called me by my name.

So, even though he’s not an option, I’m glad that I did what I wanted to do!  That’s the important thing here!

Besides, what girl wouldn’t want to know a tall, fit man who hires a personal trainer and drives an expensive car?


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3 Responses to I introduced myself

  1. Maybe he has a brother ;)

  2. I sure could use someone tonight…. :(

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