mean and selfish

This morning he sent me this text:

“If you really wanted to do something nice, you could visit Mom sometime between 11 and 1:30 today.  She is usually up then.”

No.  Today I think I will be mean and selfish and clean the house and wash the laundry and try to clean up where the cat peed and go to the store for a couple of things for your daughters and fix a shirt to wear to a Go Red For Women event and correct the problems on the FAFSA form so the government can pay for your daughter to go to college since you don’t make enough money to send her and maybe I will even make dinner.

Oh, and never mind that I already spent almost a day’s take-home pay on flowers to be delivered to your mom on Mother’s Day, which you wanted your name on, too, because you didn’t think of anything to do yourself for your mom.


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