a bizarre comment

This morning, my husband started talking about the news story about actor Dimitri Diatchenko killing and eating his ex-girlfriend’s rabbit.  (See story here, if you really want to.)

Years ago, we had dinner at the home of friends.  (This post references my friend and her husband.)  A friend of the husband, an actor named Dimitri, was also a guest that evening.

So this morning, my husband was telling me about this news story about an actor named Demitri killing and eating his ex-girlfriend’s rabbit and him telling her that he was going to do the same to her.  And my husband was saying he thought this Demitri was the same Demitri who was at our friends’ home that night.

I said, you mean the one who thought I was the most amazing conversationalist he had ever met?

My husband said, yes, it could have been your rabbit that he killed and ate.

I think that was a really bizarre thing for my husband to say!


Just so you know, I googled the Demitri in the news story and he is younger than I am.  The guest at our friends house was older that I am, so he’s not the same person.

And I have to tell you a little about that evening at my friend’s house.

It was kind of a mis-matched group that night so it could have been awkward.  But I learned a trick a long time ago:  find out what the other person’s interests are and keep them talking about their interests and they will think you are the most fascinating person in the world!

So I did that that night.

I have limited knowledge about movies and TV shows and this guest was an actor.  But I kept him talking about movies and TV shows.  Over the course of the evening, I think I pulled out every tid-bit of movie knowledge that I had to keep him talking and it actually ended up making it a good evening for everyone!  The other adults chimed in from time to time, but it was mostly this man talking and me keeping him going on the topic.

Later my friend told me that this man was really impressed with me!  But it was only because I kept him talking about what he liked!

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2 Responses to a bizarre comment

  1. You are wise…a person loves when people seem keen to hear what they have to say. Seems like advice Mark Twain would give!

    That comment from your husband isn’t just strange, it’s creepy as hell. Creepy as hell. I said that twice for emphasis.

    Your husband is playing mind games with you. He got you to google this actor to make sure who you met wasn’t the rabbit killer. Just that tiny bit of doubt is what he wants. When you are a little off balance, it is easier for him to hook you and manipulate you.

    Have you read Lundy Bancroft’s “Why Does He Do That?” I believe my Hyde is a Water Torturer and your husband might be also (Bancroft profiles abuser types). See if the description fits: http://marriedtoapaman.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/the-water-torturer/

    I hope you are feeling better! ☺

  2. newshoes123 says:

    that just gave me the creeps…. yikes!

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