I keep trying….

Wednesday I texted him and asked him if he would please use the computer early in the evening, so I could have it later in the evening, because I would be home late [movie date with my daughter] and I had some stuff that I had to get done that night.

He said, yes.

So when I got home, the laptop was available, which was nice, but he was sitting at the desk where I needed to be so I could use the printer.  I told him that I needed to sit there.

He was taking his time about getting his stuff and moving so I told him, this was why I had texted him that I would need to the computer when I got home, so I could just get to my stuff and get it done.

He said, well, you didn’t say you needed to use the printer and you usually just sit on the floor over there.

He’s right;  I didn’t say that I needed the printer.

But this is just another example of me trying to speak up and say what I needed to say, both in the text and then when he wasn’t moving, but then him slamming it back at me.

I know this is just a little incident, but for some reason, it left me feeling like the life was being sucked out of me.

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6 Responses to I keep trying….

  1. Sofia Leo says:

    All of these “little incidents” add up to torture over a period of time. I know exactly what you’re talking about – all those little ways that they show how much they hate and disrespect you. Every time they orchestrate one of these situations they get a thrill and you get beaten down one more notch. I’m sorry he’s such a dick and you have to deal with his childish crap.

    • I am so tired emotionally. I think, well, I know, that there is some emotional stuff I need to face and deal with so I can get stronger to get away from him. I know that may not make sense, but I know what I mean anyway and have started taking steps to do it.

  2. You did exactly what a grown-up would do. You set parameters. You made a courteous request. No, you didn’t mention the printer, but he’s not a child. WTH is he thinking with the response: “You usually sit on the floor over there”? It’s hard to have him keep slamming back in your face, just keep being a mature adult. Hang on to your self-respect. Try not to get dragged down with him. I’m proud of you!

    • While I didn’t mention the printer, I had told him specifically what project I needed to work on and he knows – if he chooses to remember – that that project involves using the printer. Thank you for your encouragement. Mostly I just don’t even want to deal with him anymore, but since I still have to live here for the present, I guess I need to keep speaking up.

  3. K says:

    It’s classic PA behavior.

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