last night…

Last night, he made dinner, so that was nice.  I didn’t have to worry about it after I got home from work.

(It didn’t taste very good and I didn’t want to eat it, but I did anyway.  I hate it that I do that.  My daughter didn’t eat hers, but “re-made” it this morning so it was more palatable.  She said that she has standards.  I admire her for doing what I obviously couldn’t.)

Anyhow, it was still nice that he made dinner.

We had reasonable conversation while we ate.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible.  I had enough patience to get through it and be nice and managed to stay at the table longer than I usually do when the two of us are eating together at the table.

(Wow – all of this sounds awful…. yuck!)

The point I am trying to make – and probably not succeeding at – was that it was a relatively “pleasant” evening for us.  I’m sure he thought so and I didn’t dislike the evening as much as I often do.

But I kept thinking, this is going well … what is going to happen?  With a passive aggressive person, you know a positive thing in the relationship can’t last.

Almost always on Friday nights, he rubs my feet.  It feels good to have my feet rubbed and he almost always offers, so I don’t turn him down.

Last night, I showered and got in bed earlier than I usually do because I was exhausted from the week.  I was even looking forward to the foot-rub.

Well, guess what.

When I got out of the bathroom, he was already in bed, “asleep.”

So, dinner, conversation … but no foot rub.

Of course not.

A good thing can’t last!

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9 Responses to last night…

  1. K says:

    Well, he already did something. You don’t get TWO nice things in one day, now, do you?

  2. wornout says:

    Especially since you were feeling semi good about the evening, he had to find a way to jab you. It is all so exhausting, isn’t it. And it’s so tiring how any nice thing they do always comes with a price, it’s never out of love or care for us. Like you talked about in your previous post, it’s almost just easier when they are their true jerky selves. I’m so fed up with the ramdom phoney manipulative nice stuff.

    • It is exhausting!!! It’s like Writes in PJs commented – Charlie Brown going after the football Lucy is holding for him. Somehow, you hope that maybe this time will be different and every time that football is pulled away and you land on your back.

  3. wornout says:

    *oops, random

  4. WritesinPJ's says:

    The old Charlie Brown runs at Lucy holding the football trick. Just call me Charlie Brown!

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