I hate crumbs

Okay.  Maybe I don’t hate crumbs.  I actually like crumbs.

They make me feel warm and happy.

But then the warm and happy wears off and I feel so cold and empty.

And then I wish the crumbs hadn’t been there in the first place because the cold and empty hurts so much.

Maybe it would be better if there weren’t crumbs at all.

I wish I wasn’t so hungry.

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3 Responses to I hate crumbs

  1. newshoes123 says:

    OMG you poor thing.

    I hate crumbs too. They are so bittersweet, you get that instant moment of validation/love/affection but if it comes from your pa partner, you know that it comes with strings attached ie. they want something from you or they’ll flip out and abuse you very soon after… II sometimes wished that I could fade away and not be seen by mine, I wanted to just hide somewhere in the house.

    If you’re getting these crumbs from someone else then you dream that it would come from a loving partner instead… It always leaves me very empty afterwards…

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