Alone. Not.

My daughter isn’t here.  (See next post.)

This morning, my husband said he was going to be working late.

Really?  Could it be?

Could it be that there would be a possibility that I might have a few minutes at home, all by myself???



I came home, looking forward to my few minutes all by myself.

But, no.

It was not to be.

His truck was in the driveway.   There had been a change of plans.

So, I spent the evening lonely, rather than just alone.

Alone would have been lovely.

Maybe another time.

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4 Responses to Alone. Not.

  1. chosetobehappy says:

    I understand that feeling, even if he goes out for just 15 minutes, it”s the best 15 minutes of my day :) I’m relaxed, I can take time to think and breathe and I don’t worry about the shenanigans. Sad though isn’t…. that we are craving those minutes alone instead of craving time to be with our mate…

    • Yep! It is amazing, isn’t it? Just those few minutes are so wonderful. I started reading again the book His Needs Her Needs. The author recommends spending fifteen hours a week with your spouse. How wonderful that would be if we loved each other! I get so frustrated with just fifteen minutes with my husband! I could not stand 15 hours a week with him! Of course, he wouldn’t give me 15 hours to being with so….

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