a tale of two wheelbarrows

I worked in my garden for a long time yesterday.   And it reminded me of this story:

Not long after we moved here, his dad gave us a couple of older wheelbarrows.  The tires were going flat and they were starting to rust, but they were usable.

Since I like to garden, I used the wheelbarrows quite a bit.  I was concerned, though, about them rusting out and then not having a wheelbarrow to use.

So, I cleaned one up really well and spray-painted it so it would stop rusting.  I painted it blue since I like blue and I was pleased with my wheelbarrow.

Months and months and months later, my husband finally decided that the tires were getting too bad on the wheelbarrows and it was time to buy a new wheelbarrow tire.

Guess which wheelbarrow got the new tire.

He put the new tire on the other wheelbarrow, not on my pretty painted one.   And now my blue wheelbarrow is not usable anymore because the tire is worn out.

Oh, well.  I just use the one with the good tire now.


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2 Responses to a tale of two wheelbarrows

  1. mixedemotions says:

    can you change the new tire to the blue one yourself? funny when I start somethign that should be done by my PA, all of a sudden he has time and the means to do it!!! weird how that works out eh!!

  2. Like mixedemotions said, could you perhaps change the tire yourself? Urgh. That man of yours is lucky to have a wife like you and not someone with schizophrenia and anger issues. I’d be in prison by now if I’d have to live with that specimen; just reading about it gets me worked up already… You are a saint. I mean it.

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