Super Bowl update

My daughter had spent the day with her friends and hated coming home ~ as I do, too.

She wanted to watch the Super Bowl with me, but not with him.

He was already on the sofa, watching the pre-game stuff and she wouldn’t go in there.

I asked him if he would watch the game on the laptop in the other room so my (our) daughter and I could sit together on the sofa and watch it.

He said you couldn’t watch the Super Bowl on the internet.  I asked him if he would go watch the game at his parents’ house.

He said he was going to watch it right there and she could sit on the sofa, too.  And if she wouldn’t sit on the sofa then she just couldn’t watch the game.  He then said he wasn’t a terrible person.

Well, I googled “watch super bowl online” and guess what!  You can watch the Super Bowl online.

So I set up the laptop on top of a box on top of a stool in her room and we sat on her bed and watched the Super Bowl together.  (Thank you!)   I don’t think we got to see THE Super Bowl Commercials, but that is fine.  We can find them on YouTube, I am sure.

And we thoroughly enjoyed our time together!

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2 Responses to Super Bowl update

  1. chosetobehappy says:

    Good for you. Miserable man…. Glad you had a good time with your daughter.

  2. giorge thomas says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed your time together. It wouldn’t have been fair, making him go and watch it elsewhere, so I’m glad you didn’t push the issue.

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