I miss my bedroom

I miss my bedroom.

I miss sleeping in my bed.  My bed.  The bed frame, the headboard and the foot board, belonged to my great aunt.

I miss my vanity.  My bed, that belonged to my great aunt, has a matching vanity.  I love the curves of the mirror.  My pretty things still sit on the vanity.  There is my milk glass lamp that I bought on a flea market trip with my daughter years ago.  And there are some blue and white transferware dishes, like a candle holder and a butter pat and sugar without a lid. The lamp and those things sit on a delicate handkerchief edged with variegated crocheted cotton lace.   There is also a blue and white saucer that holds a white dish that holds a tealight candle.

I miss the window that faces east.  I miss lying in my bed and seeing the morning sun shine in through the white cotton curtain.  There is a blue glass bottle sitting on top of the lower window and it glows blue when the sun shines through it.

I miss my quilt that I made and my white dust ruffle that I made with the wide fake-Battenburg lace edging.  I miss my trunk with the blue and white cotton quilt fabric covering it.  And the the little square of fabric with the hummingbird embroidered in blue on it that my daughter made for me.

I miss the dresser that matches the bed and the vanity, that still holds my clothes, with the blue and white runner my sister gave me years and years ago.  There are more blue and white dishes there.  Another candle holder.  Another sugar.   A crocheted doily my grandmother or my aunt made.  Pretty things.

I miss my bedroom.

I am extremely thankful for the bed and the bedroom that I have now.  And I know that I can never go back to the other bedroom.  (See post.)

My bedroom now has pretty blue and white in it, too.  It has my flow blue dishes that I never did display in the other bedroom.  And I have a blue and white quilted coverlet on my bed that I bought for myself to make sleeping on the sofa cushion a little prettier for me.  I like the coverlet very much.

I do like my little room that is now my sanctuary.

I am so very thankful to have it.

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