cold plants

I have a small, unheated greenhouse that I have some tender plants in this winter.  So far, it hasn’t gotten too cold for the plants in my greenhouse – which has been very cool!  (No pun intended.)

While I was gone (I’ll write about that later), I was afraid it would get too cold in the greenhouse for my plants.  He very kindly brought my plants from the greenhouse into the house.  He texted and asked if he could leave the three plants in the large pots in the greenhouse.  I said, yes, just cover them with several layers of the sheets that are in the greenhouse and they should be fine.

(These three pots were between bales of hay and five gallon buckets of water.  This makes a pretty good insulation.  Also, I had a duplicate of one plant, so I had a back-up if I lost it.  The other two plants were a little more hardy and they could stand a little more cold.)

Last night it was really cold again and this morning he said, I did cover up the large pots but then I uncovered them when it was warmer.  I hope the cold didn’t kill the plants last night.


Thanks a lot.

Why didn’t you tell me the pots were uncovered so I could have covered them back up if I wanted to?????

Well, it is going to get even colder this week, so today I went out to the greenhouse to bring in those three pots as well.

Guess what.

There were more than just those three pots left in the greenhouse.

There was also an angel wing begonia, which will not take the cold and several pots of silver squill, which will stand the cold even less.

Fortunately, very fortunately especially about the silver squill, the greenhouse had stayed warm enough that these plants had not been killed.

But I still felt that same feeling of the rug being pulled out from under me, of the life being sucked out of me.

I trusted that he was bringing in my plants from the cold.  And some of them, he did.

But not all of them.

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2 Responses to cold plants

  1. m says:

    This sounds way too much like my ex…

  2. This sounds like what I deal with all the time. I always feel that you need to check or do it or it probably isn’t how he said but still believe he did it because I am just to tired and wore out from doing everything else. I hope that just for once he has done what he said to only find he didn’t do what he said or I asked. It is so draining to deal with.

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