I called a lawyer today

I have an appointment first thing tomorrow morning.

I’m scared.  Not of the lawyer.  Of the step.

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4 Responses to I called a lawyer today

  1. Sofia Leo says:

    One step at a time to freedom! Don’t fear this change – you know it’s the right thing for you :-)

  2. I can understand how it’s scary but look upon it as an information gathering session and let go of the fear. Good luck!

  3. mixedemotions says:

    WOW!! so proud of you!! that’s a big step but it’s only one step, and that’s not so scary my dear. You’re one step closer to your future.

  4. Laura says:

    Make sure you like and trust the lawyer you’re working with. There are many great ones out there and it helps to find one that suits your personality. Not every one is a great fit, and that’s ok. When you do find the right fit it makes things go that much smoother. Also, bring chocolates to your paralegal…heh…I’m teasing. I’m actually a family law paralegal. Which then begs the question, if I do this stuff for a living – how in the holy bejezus did I end up in my own abusive marriage? The good news is that I was able to do my own divorce for free – Hah! Oh the irony… It also makes me a better paralegal because I sure have a ton of EMPATHY for our clients :-)

    I think you are making the right choice. Seeing a lawyer doesn’t mean you have to hire one or that you even have to decide to move forward right now. I’ll tell you what I tell the people who call our office who are nervous: you will feel better once you have a firm understanding of what your rights are and where you stand legally. Then you can base your choices (to move forward or not) on the facts rather than being stuck wondering and stressing out about the unknown. Knowledge is power baby!! Also – a good lawyer won’t pressure you to make any decisions right now. He or she will respect that you are in the decision making process and he or she should support you with that. My two cents (or twenty). Good luck! Also – be extra nice to your lawyer’s paralegal ;-) heh…

  5. Laura says:

    Ok – one last thing. You may want to find out if the lawyer you’re working with has any knowledge about high conflict personalities and how to work with them during the legal process. Your husband is very likely a high conflict personality – you might want to refer the lawyer to the books by Bill Eddy written for legal professionals, and then you might want to also check out the books by Bill Eddy written for lay people who are involved in the legal process. His books are not dry and boring either. I own a few of his different titles. Some I have in paperback and some are on my Kindle. Bill Eddy is awesome. You may even want to check out his website and blog postings at the High Conflict Institute. There are some good tidbits of information on there too.

    Ok – I promise I’m done. :-)

    Good luck!!!

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