A pleasant day…

I replaced the outside light by my back door.  It has been in various stages of not working correctly and not working ever since we moved into this house a little over ten years ago.  So last week I bought a cheap little porch light at Lowes and this afternoon I installed it.

It didn’t go as simply as the directions said because nothing around this house ever does!  Whoever built this house had their own ideas about how to do things, so a lot of stuff around the house isn’t quite right.  However, I was able to make adjustments to get everything to work for me.  And now I have a simple little light outside that turns on when you flip the switch up and turns off when you flip the switch down.  Ahhhh…… how nice!

I cleaned out the summer plants out of my flower pots and got some of them planted with violas.  I call them “Johnnies,” as in “Johnnie Jump Ups.”  They are a smaller cousin of pansies and they do very well here through the winter.  I plant them every fall and I love them.  I cannot tell you how happy they make me.

The two pots on my front porch are planted and the two large pots by my front porch steps are also planted.  And I got two pots near the bottom steps to my back door planted.  (Around here, people go in the back door rather than the front door.  I don’t know why, but they do.)  Oh, and I got one pot on my deck planted.   I’m about half-way done planting my pots.   I would go completely crazy during the winter if it weren’t for these little flowers!

And…  he is at his parents’ house again tonight!

I could feel tension go out of my body the second he walked out the door.

His dad is improving so it may be my last night by myself for the time being, but at least I have it!!!!

You know what the perfect end to this pleasant day would be?

Someone to make love with.  Someone who actually cared about me at least as much as he cares about himself.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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2 Responses to A pleasant day…

  1. newshoes123 says:

    Yes it would be!! I wish that for you and soon too. Please don’t stay any longer than you have to with this pah man of yours…. I’ve been gone for 6 months now (although I’m still living in the same house) and it’s worth just for your peace of mind. I’ve also made some new wonderful friends and they’ve been a blessing, and I think one of them might actually be someone I would enjoy getting to know better ;) Go for it my dear, get yourself and your daughter the heck out of there with or without money.

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