after “sobbing – praying – stupid me”

That evening, after the morning I wrote “sobbing – praying – stupid me,” he asked me why I cried when I woke up in the mornings.

I told him that I struggle with depression, that I don’t like my life.

He asked if there was anything he could do.

I didn’t say anything.

He was quiet, too, and then he said, when you come home from work, you should work in your garden for fifteen minutes.  I told you that before and you said that I didn’t want you going to the gym.  I don’t mind if you go to the gym, but you should think about coming home and working in your garden because that will make you feel better.

So, there’s my answer – I should work in my garden and that will make it all better.

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3 Responses to after “sobbing – praying – stupid me”

  1. lonelywife07 says:

    Well, there ya go then! I’m starting a garden tomorrow! I wonder why all the psychologists, therapist, and others experts don’t know this? It would save us a ton of money…no more counseling…just work in your garden and life with a PA will be a piece of cake!! DUH!!!!

  2. choosetobehappy says:

    obviously he is completely oblivious…. or he doesn’t give a hoot.

  3. mourninglight says:

    Yes. Now it’s neatly wrapped into a teflon package. Now he has less responsibility or accountability for your pain, and it plants the residual nagging invalidation about your going to the gym. Every time you go to the gym instead of coming home to the garden, he can resent you for not listening to him.

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