mad passionate love

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What do you think?  Do you agree?

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9 Responses to mad passionate love

  1. writingbolt says:

    Well, that would certainly save on sexual batteries and other products:) Maybe people would learn to wait and appreciate rarer moments of intimacy instead of pushing the Play-Doh factory a bit hard, using various “stimulating” and “de-stimulating” products to be more sexually active for what? Killing time? The cure to boredom? The solution to any dispute?

    Imagine–if you will–human beings being like rechargeable batteries. And, the longer we wait, the greater the charge we amass. Example A features a couple trying to have sex daily or weekly, burnt out after a month or two, struggling to feel anything anymore. Example B features a couple traveling, working together on everything from puzzles to chores, exchanging secret messages like clubhouse kids…and then finally making love during a thunderstorm by candlelight. The next morning, couple A is struggling to compare notes at the water cooler while couple B is the star at their workplace/s. :p hehe

    • seriously says:

      so true, my PAH never has enough, uses sex as a revenge, reward, “I’m sorry”, it’s never about wanting to be with me because there’s love and desire, it’s about his own sexual need. I fake a lot, just to get him off me. It’s wrong I know, I don’t like it either but it’s all I can do to survive, otherwise, there is pouting, and the comment that “you never want to have sex” – did you notice the “have sex” not make love. For him, it’s a release. For me, it’s nothing. The instances we do actually make love, are wonderful. Why do we need to “get it on” when the other person just wants to be close, no need for sex, just affection, the rest will come no…?

      • writingbolt says:

        Your PAH? Is that “pain in the ass husband”?

        Well, that is discouraging. Why can’t something “lighter” be a punishment/revenge, reward or sorry? Why not artificial flowers (because I am thinking I don’t want to keep ripping living flowers apart just to watch them die in glass)? A bubble bath? Romantic coupons? A spontaneous slumber party for two? A night walk under the stars? Candlelight cuddles? Dessert play? Strip poker?

        I….really didn’t need to hear the details. Yea, I don’t wanna know about faking…

        No, it’s not all you can do. You can also turn him down and explain why. People are so afraid to say anything lately. It’s all going the way of text messages.

        If he slaps that “You never…” crap on you, you just slap his sorry ass and tell him to get a grip, stop being a baby trying to get Lucky Charms when Mom knows the sugar’s just going to jack him up.

        Yea, I don’t really care at this point about the difference between “love” and “sex” because you already said too much:P hehe

        Most men call it a release. Personally, I think we all have that need and take care of that our own way…ya know? Just because we get a thunderstorm in our pants doesn’t mean we have to “piledrive” someone.

        How do you discern the love versus sex? When you are interested? When you’re not, it’s “just sex”?

        I am so discouraged by couples who can’t separate the sex yolk from the affection egg. There is more to connecting than sex.

        Alright that’s enough. Thuh-roo. Resting.

    • Karen says:

      Example B was what I have always wanted and thought I was getting. I hope someday I will find it. I am so afraid I am only attracted to men like my husband.

      • writingbolt says:

        I need to get paid for this marriage counseling:P And, something to take the edge off hearing all of these discouraging stories. I can’t even think of finding happiness in this swamp.

        That too drives me batty. What you’re saying, Karen, is that you’re attracted–and how do you tell they are the same type?–to men who behave like the man you are with who is not “type B”. …Now…how should the present husband feel about this discussion? This sounds like trouble brewing.

        That’ll be $200 from each of you ladies. Until our next session:P

  2. Jwhowhat says:

    Well…piping up to say I am NOT sure I agree any longer. Might’ve a few years ago. Dunno. Cuz – if u hold out fir only mad, passionate love, ur likely gunna miss some good stuff. As in sex…passionate, mad sex. Which is not the same necessarily as passionate, mad love. And WE know that mad love us hard to come by. Desirable. Worthwhile if course. But not easy to find. Duznt mean we shouldn’t seek ur with all our resources tho. I just think you cannot fail to live and enjoy our lives and bodies just because mad, passionate live eludes us. Otherwise, we risk becoming martyrs to this notion of needing mad, passionate LOVE . Seek it. Work for it. But do NOT sacrifice your enjoyment of life and all it offers if you can’t find it. Wish that I could. But I will NOT fail to savor and enjoy my life without it.

  3. Karen says:

    I absolutely agree. I feel the same way about food. I don’t want to waste calories on mediocre food either. I would so love to feel head over heals with someone who felt the same way about me. It will happen one day right?

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