Self-respect Quiz

One of the blogs I follow is Let Life In Practices and she wrote the following post.  I added my answers to her questions in brackets.

23 Questions to Determine Your Amount of Self-Respect

Do you respect yourself? Do your know your worth?  How well do you treat yourself? By suggesting that you treat yourself with kindness, I am not suggesting that you become selfish. I am not telling you to put your needs in front of the needs of others. And I am certainly not advising you to act in an arrogant way, dismissing others as not as important as you. Quite the contrary.

I am suggesting that you become aware of how you treat yourself. Not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of others in your life. When you are unkind to yourself, those who love you will also suffer.

Below you will find questions that will increase your awareness as you inventory how well you treat you. Ask yourself…

  • Do I treat myself well physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially?  {sometimes}
  • Do I eat healthy foods?  {um, well, yes and no.  I do need to eat better}
  • Do I get enough rest?  {not usually}
  • Am I exercising?  {yes}
  • Can I accept my physical appearance?  {not usually}
  • Do I have the courage to leave an abusive relationship?  {I’m still here...}
  • Do I spend time with people who are loving and compassionate?   {Sorta?}
  • Can I stop myself from becoming verbally or physically abusive to others?  {yes}
  • Can I view mistakes as opportunities to grow?  {not usually, but I am changing that}
  • Do I know that I am likable?  {no}
  • Do I get regular check ups at the dentist and the doctor’s office?  {no, but I’m healthy}
  • Do I believe that I am lovable?  {no}
  • Do I appreciate my abilities?  {no}
  • Do I consider my own spiritual needs?  {I often think God hates me or ignores me}
  • Do I know that it is okay to be wrong?  {no}
  • Can I accept my limitations?  {not sure about this one}
  • Do I hang around emotionally healthy people?  {Most of the people I work with seem to be emotionally healthy}
  • Do I enjoy my own company?  {yes}
  •  Do I accept the possibility that I may be a kind and loving person?  {sorta, sometimes}
  • Do I allow myself to have flaws and still know that I am worthy and lovable?   {no}
  • Do I take time to have fun?  {not really}
  • Can I name qualities that I like about myself?  {it’s hard}
  • Am I capable of having loving relationships with others?  {yes, I think I am.  Even though I don’t think or do things for myself, I do for others.}

If you answered no to several of these questions, I want you to know that you are not being kind enough to yourself. Your self-worth begins with you. You CAN change the way in which you perceive yourself. You really do create your own reality. Others will better respect you, when you respect yourself. Other people don’t define your value as a person. You do have worth! Your only problem may be that you don’t recognize it.

It is time to wake up and experience the excellence in you that has been there all along!

If deep feelings of shame get in your way and cause you to self-sabotage, you may really benefit from professional counseling to gain a new perspective. Maybe you have beaten yourself up long enough.

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Me, here.  My answers are kinda depressing!  I guess I’ve still got a lot of work to do on myself.  Maybe I need to call Julie the therapist…..

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2 Responses to Self-respect Quiz

  1. “I am not telling you to put your needs in front of the needs of others.”

    Hmmm. At least try to put your needs on the same level as the needs of others. I used to put everyone else first, and that wore me down while letting me feel like a martyr. I’ve worked hard in the past year to see myself as being as important and as worthy as the people around me.

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