“The Snowball Effect”

There is a book that I have been planning to get.

It’s called “The Snowball Effect: How To Build Positive Momentum in Your Life” by Kristin Barton Cuthriell.  I’ve followed her blog (The Snowball Effect) for quite awhile now (a couple of years, I think) and have really appreciated her insights into life and relationships.  I look forward to reading her book.

The Snowball Effect

Yes, I am writing this post so I can get a free copy of her book.  However, I would not do this if I wasn’t truly impressed with her writing from her blog.  I have sincerely found her posts inspiring and helpful.

If you’d like to learn more about her book, here are links to it on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

And here are some reviews from Amazon.com:

This book is truly inspiring and brilliant!! Everyone would benefit from reading it!!! This will be my “go to” gift of the year to give to friends and family! -Jenn

The author is compelling and text inspirational. The examples were relatable and easy to follow. Finally a book that is down to earth and one I can recommend to friends. Excellent read! -Katy

This book is a godsend. It does not matter what changes you hope to adopt, this book will motivate and guide you to a better you. The content is applicable to those who suffer from great loss of self as well as the ordinary person who merely looks to better tackle daily obstacles like motherhood and job discontentment. I found great inspiration in the pages of the Snowball Effect and I find myself eager to start each day and implement the tools that the book has blessed me with. Not only did I find a way to build positive momentum in my own life, but I have also gained great insight into offering guidance to my close friends who have run adrift in their relationships. I would encourage everyone to read this succinct literary offering. It will aid you in ways you don’t even know that you need in your relationships and life outlook. -SB

I just finished reading Kristin’s book and I have to say I am inspired by it. She has a way of writing that speaks directly to your inner being. Not only is this book a great self-help book it is a great motivational book for anyone to read. I am looking forward to reading more from Kristin. -TDB

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