nothing new

Tonight we went out with some friends.

He did most of the talking.  Of course.  He seems interesting and funny and witty.

But in reality, he’s just showing off.  It’s all about him.

I feel kind of lonely.  Not really lonely.  But that kind of feeling where you just know there has to be something more. 

And I wish so much that I could make love.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Anyhow, I know so many of my posts say the same thing, but that pretty much is my life at the moment.

I did visit an absolutely amazing place today, so that was very cool.  And tonight I saw SO many stars, including an arm of the Milky Way.  I love it when I can see that arm of the Milky Way.

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7 Responses to nothing new

  1. Say it as many times as you need or want to. Your blog is all about YOU. It’s like cheap therapy sometimes for me. :D


  2. Keep blogging, it’s therapeutic, get your feelings out there. You aren’t alone.

  3. Wendy Powell says:


    I have a serious bias, so I want to say that up front. Also, I only read bits of a few of your posts. But, that said, you may want to try to determine if your husband is a narcissist. He has at least a few of the traits. Your comment about wanting to have sex (which I assume means that you are not getting enough!) is an example because they often use intimacy, affection and sex as weapons to make you need their attention. I’ve linked a couple of posts that will help you see if you are with a narcissist. I agree with dharmagoddess. This is a good place to vent. :-)

    • Sometimes I do think he is a narcissist. Sometimes it is really chilling! I haven’t studied much about narcissiwts, though, so I will check out your links. No, I’ve NEVER had has much sex as I want. Never, ever in the 26 years of our marriage, not even when we were first married! After about 10 years of marriage, anytime I had sex, I would just cry and cry because it is all so emotionally empty.

      • Wendy Powell says:

        It is worth it to try to determine if he is. They key difference is that narcissists do not form the same emotional ties. What that means is they don’t care how you feel or if they hurt you. This makes them very dangerous (emotionally and physically).

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